Instructions for authors

The journal publishes only original contributions to scholarship which have not already been published or accepted for publication elsewhere. Contributors should confirm with the editors that this is the case, upon submission of their paper for publication with the journal. Material already accepted for publication in the journal should not subsequently be submitted for publication elsewhere, either in print or electronic form, without the consent of the editors.

The Editors will be happy to discuss drafts and proposed contributions. We particulary encourage contributions dealing with new developments, trends and challenges in labour law and social security law/welfare law at the European and international levels and the impact of the market freedoms on national and European social values and rights. Analytical articles as well as case commentary are welcomed.

More information can be obtained from the editors:

Prof. Dr. Y. Jorens e-mail:
Prof. Dr. S. Giubboni e-mail:

All contributions should be submitted in house style.

In general, contributions should be submitted with an abstract of 100-150 words in length. The length of the articles usually varies between 10,000 and 15,000 words including abstract and footnotes. Articles should be submitted in English.

The articles are assessed anonymously by international experts. Within 4 weeks you will be informed about the outcome of the Peer Review.

Articles must be sent to the following editorial address:

Prof. Dr. Y. Jorens
Ghent University / Faculty of Law / Department of Social Law
Universiteitstraat 4
B – 9000 Ghent


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